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Step 1 Securiy Service


Identify yourself with your own Digital Certificate and secure your web site with a Thawte Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Web Server Digital Certificate. It will enable SSL on your web server, thereby giving you the ability to communicate securely with your online customers. SSL protects all communications with your customers, so you can take credit card orders, protect sensitive personal information, and ensure that hackers cannot detect your passwords. There are two types of these certificates.

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VeriSign Entrust

1) THAWTE SSL SuperCert Digital Certificate (128-bit)

Get the strongest encryption available for your web server! If you want to ensure that ALL your business communications are protected using the strongest encryption available [128 bit encryption], then you will need a Thawte SuperCert.

In the past, all browsers exported from the USA could only offer 40 bit ("weak") encryption. A SuperCert will allow Non-US browsers to bump up to 128 bit strong encryption, when accessing your site. (see more details about encryption application at

 New Certificates
 1-Year SSL SuperCert (128-bit)
18,750 Baht *
 2-Year SSL SuperCert (128-bit)
34,750 Baht *

2) VeriSign SSL Server Certificate (128-bit)

 New Certificates
 1-Year SSL SuperCert (128-bit)
47,700 Baht *

3) Entrust SSL Server Certificate (128-bit)

 New Certificates
 1-Year SSL SuperCert (128-bit)
16,500 Baht *

Company Registration Document Translation & Certification Service
An organization applying for a SSL certificate must be able to prove its legitimacy. The organization's Certificate of Partnership and Company Registration or Tor Kor 0401 can be used for this purpose. It must be translated and certified by the Department of Consular Affairs. You may ask us to handle this burden for you with the service fee of 2,000 Baht per page per time.

 Company Registration Document Translation & Certification Service
2,000 Baht/page/time *
  * Remark
1)   Excludes 7% VAT.
2)   Excludes installation fee.
Remarks :

A Thawte SSL Server Certificate is capable of providing 128-bit-encryption as long as you are running a 128-bit enabled server and your users are running 128-bit enabled browsers. If you want to be sure that the strongest encryption is being used to secure ALL your web traffic [128-bit encryption], then it would be advisable to use a Thawte SuperCert.


In order to make use of the Thawte SuperCert, your customers will need to be using Internet Explorer 5.01, Netscape Communicator 4.7 or later browsers.


Using SSL Server Digital Certificate (40-bit) and SSL SuperCert Digital Certificate (128-bit), you should have your own physical/dedicated web server otherwise you must use a ThaiNIC virtual web server which you must pay the additional payment at 4,000 baht/year for yearly fee of SSL web server.


The submitted document for SSL application must be the company certification of the registrant(owner) of the domain name which you want to set up as a SSL web server ,for example, if you would like to set up ssl for host named "" , you must be registrant of "" , otherwise the owner of "" must send us a confirmation letter to allow you to use ssl under his domain name to us. Also, the contact e-mail address for this application must be under this domain name.


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